Q: What kind of sessions do you photograph?
I have taken on many types of projects in my career. The work that I have done and what I specialize in are two different things. I am always interested in honing in on my craft by doing something new, but if you are looking for a photographer with skill and experience, you will want to read the following to see if I am right for you!
What I specialize in:
Fine Art/Fantasy Portraits
Other sessions I offer:
Lifestyle Newborns
Birthday/Cake Smash

Q: How do I book with you Jennifer?
My first rule of business is not to fill spots on my calendar. It is to know who you are as a person. It is very important to me that I get to know the people that I am going to work with, so I can understand their needs, and turn it into the photoshoot they have always wanted. And it all starts with a 20-minute phone call!
To book your one-on-one, just go fill out the Contact Jennifer. I will reply back with your request by text and email within 24 hours.

Q: How soon should I book with you?
I will always suggest that you book at least 3 months in advance of your desired date. There are a lot of benefits to booking ahead of time, rather than one or two weeks before you need it. One being that there is a better chance that I will be available at your desired session date. Also, as your photographer, this will give me more time to make sure that your session is 100% a success.
Another reason to booking early is to benefit from my custom Payment Plan. I never want my clients to feel the stress of their payments, and that is exactly why I have this for you. So, if you want a Payment Plan as an option: Remember that the sooner you book your photoshoot, the easier payments can be for you.

Q: What days/hours are you available?
As a working parent, I organize my schedule around my child, but I am available most days and most hours! I usually take calls between the hours of 9am to 8pm Monday-Friday. Weekends and School hours may vary. If you are only free during my off hours, I will gladly accommodate for you.
Sessions can be booked almost any day of the week/weekend.

Q: What is the difference between a mini session and a styled session. Do you offer any of these?
I offer styled sessions only, and I host them only a few times a year. styled sessions are not too much different from a mini session, actually. The biggest difference between the two is that styled sessions have a particular theme, whereas minis do not. If you are not sure how a styled session works, this will be something you will want to read on:
When I host a styled session, I book 4-5 sessions back to back for a specific Day + Time + Location. Each session is booked for a 15-minute time slot. These sessions are made as a lower cost option for my clients!
For some, a small session can be beneficial. However, a styled session is not suitable for everyone, as they can be not enough time for specific families. This is why it is important to schedule a consultation call. I always want to make sure all of your needs are met. I also would like to add that even though the price is going to be lower than the three Collections I offer, these are not the best value that you can receive, but you will be able to upgrade to one of my collections after viewing your Gallery!

Q: How long does a regular session last?
My three Collections have a maximum session time of either 30 minutes, 60 minutes, or 90 minutes on location. With that said, that does not mean I will need to shoot for that long. Sometimes a session can be tricky due to weather, children/grandparents getting too tired, or for some other unforeseen reasons. Sometimes i have to work as fast as I can, and in those instances, I can provide you a beautiful gallery in only 15 minutes if need be.

*But Jennifer, what if my child cannot handle a full-length session??​​​​​​​
First of all, great question!
Second, I want you to repeat after me: TIME IS NOT IMPORTANT
I f you have tried getting family photos in the past, you know all too well that your child is either going to scream with enthusiasm...or just scream.
My goal is always to try to prevent the ladder, but sometimes we need to work with our children's emotions, and that an be a very beautiful thing to capture.
This is where my many years of knowledge and experience comes in!!! I can usually tell within minutes how fast I need to work with a child and how long to push for. And in those instances, I have different strategies and games for all of those possible "what-if" moments.
So, believe me when I say that the times should be the last thing on your mind. Trust in my process and only focus on one thing: Being with your family and give them all the laughs and loves they need in the moment.

Q: What if we end up running late for our photoshoot?
If you are one of the lucky few that were excepted for a Styled Session, remember that sessions are back-to-back, and I have to make sure that everyone is at the exact spot we are shooting at before their session time. I want to make sure that I can give everyone the experience they deserve to have. Here is a simple breakdown on how I approach all sessions:
Regular Session:
Must be at meeting point 10-15 minutes before scheduled session time
10 minutes late = late fee
20 minutes late = no show
No show will incur a Rescheduling fee
Styled Session:
Must be at meeting point 10 minutes before scheduled session time
5 minutes late = no show
Not applicable for rescheduling
I can understand that the above may feel very daunting. Take a deep breath! I always send reminders when to be at the rendezvous point, plus any other details that will be needed to make sure your session is a success. You don't need to be at your photoshoot an hour early. There are small simple ways to ensure that you arrive at the location on time:
Look up the weather forecast and traffic well before you are supposed to leave
Children need to be fed and well hydrated before our session
Make sure everyone is dressed and ready to go before our time to meetup
Have everyone go to the restroom, change diapers, put on makeup, etc. before our time to meetup
It is not uncommon that some children/family members may have to get dressed at the location, so it is a good idea to arrive earlier than the meeting time to get everyone ready. Use your best judgement!

Q: Do you use Photoshop on your images?
The short answer is yes. In my work, you can see I craft each image to look the best that it can be.  Sometimes I have to use Photoshop that takes a lot of skill, like removing people in the background. Most of the time it is minor details like removing blemishes and teeth whitening. Don't feel bad! Even the whitest teeth look yellow in camera.
I know some people reading this are going to want to know if I do any "slimming/smoothing" in images. With that question, there are 3 things I want to be clear on:
So, to give an exact answer: I only make these types of changes if you personally request it, but I would never change anything to the point that you do not look like you. Photoshop is a very delicate tool and should only be used to make you see what is special about you.

Q: Where are you located?
My Home Studio is in the small town of Lewisburg, but I travel for most of my clients and usually can cater to specific needs. Most of my clients are scattered to many different parts of Tennessee, such as Nashville, Hendersonville, Brentwood, Murfreesboro, and Tullahoma. You can find more info in the Service Area.

Q: What is your Travel Fee?
As a gift to you, my travel fee is waived for any location within 60 miles of my Home Studio in Lewisburg, Tn. If the location is over 60 miles, a travel fee will incur. 
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